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Graduating Class

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2022! Your hard work, dedication, diligence, and life experiences have been honored in the presence of our Lord, family, and friends. Please observe our graduating class photos below. 

Screenshot 2022-09-12 140526.jpg

Graduating Class of 2022

Chancellor Dr. J.L. Flowers
FMIBS&S event director - Danyell Flowers
Moderator - Dr. David Brown, Jr.
Dr. Clifford Brown - Guest speaker
FMIBS&S Faculty and staff
FMIBS&S Faculty
Praise and Worshipper - Soloist Faith Lakin - Jacobs
Minister Valerie Collins - Master of Christian Counseling
Minister Lonzell McKnight - Master of Theolgy
Dr. Betty Strudwick - Honorary Doctor of Ministry
Dr. Bernard Whaley - Honorary Doctor of Theology
Dr. Barbara Heyward - Doctor of Christian Education
Proud family member of graduate
Proud Family members look on
SC Representative - Dr. Rosalyn Henderson-Myers - Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters
Dr. Christan McKnight - Doctor of Christian Counseling
Dr. Talbert Jones, Sr. - Honorary Doctor of Ministry
Dr. Michael Gadsden - Honorary Doctor of Ministry
2022 FMIBS&S graduating class
Dr. Christopher Cookhorne - Honorary Doctor of Divinity
Dr. Roslyn Bellinger - Honorary Doctor of Christian Education
Dr. Fernando Camacho - Honorary Doctor of Divnity
Dr. Joel King, Jr. - Honorary Doctor of Divinity
Dr. Catherine Evans - Honorary Doctor of Divnity
Dr. Geraldine Fox - Honorary Doctor of Divinity
2022 graduating class photo
2022 Graduating class with degrees
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